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An interactive ghost story with audience participation

Spirits on Stage is a narrative space where participants can explore the city of Malmo through a new perspective. The stage setting with projections and sounds of Malmö as a ghost town creates an atmospheric frame for collaborative exploration and play.

Spirits on Stage gives an individual experience for those actively participating on stage, but also a performance experience for the audience present.

There are room for three participants at a time, who become their own ghost by dressing in a ”ghost cape”. For each ghost cape there is a ghost avatar in the ”other Malmö”. In this virtual Malmö the avatar ghosts are discovering the surroundings. Depending on the collaboration between the participants, different levels of stories will unfold – which also enforces the experience of the meeting of the three “real” ghosts. But time is running out. You may only meet this other Malmö during night – when the sun rises the experience is over.

18.09 2002

Concept, Story & Animation Jørgen Callesen, Marika Kajo & Katrine Nilsen
Sound Design Marika Kajo & Simon Løvind
Programming/Vision Tracking Johan Torstensson
Programming/Computer Graphics Engine Simon Løvin
3D graphics Michael Johansson

Kultur Manegen, Malmöfestivallen, Malmö, Sweden

Kultur Manegen, Malmöfestivallen, Malmö, Sweden

5 April 2003: Research/Practice/Practice/Research: Spatiality, Digitality, Art, Design, Media, Culture & Performance CUMIS (University of Cambridge)

Callesen J., Nilsen K. (2004) From lab to stage: Practice-based research in Performance Animation” in Digital Creativity Vol. 15 no. 1 (pp. 32 -38) edited by Maureen Thomas, Swets & Zeitlinger publishers, Lisse, The Netherlands.

Callesen J., Kajo M. and Nilsen K. (2003) The Performance Animation Toolbox; developing tools and methods through artistic research” in ‘New visions in performance: the impact of digital technologies’ edited by Gavin Carver and Colin Beardon. Swets & Zeitlinger publishers, Lisse, The Netherlands.

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