The methods developed in PRAMnet aims to bridge artistic research and systems development methods for digital media to secure that the implementation of new increasingly complex technological innovations is continuously balanced towards artistic prototypes ˜ enabling the artists to articulate their evaluation of the development process in their own language. The methods will enable the participating artists to influence the systems development process by

• learning from the content driven experience of other artists and develop a new specific artistic language within the network.
• to communicate technical needs towards the given standards set by the technology, based on an artistic intention and experience.
• to integrate complex technical and theoretical concepts developed by researchers in the artistic work process.
• to document and disseminate production experience via web based and digital media.
• to develop and customize own editors and digital tools for specific needs.
• to use the experience gained by other artists working with related media.

The NOW:THEN method is based on modular prototyping techniques in testrooms with actual running set ups.

A method for production design integrating research prototypes and theoretical reflection in creative production.

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