Thore Soneson



Thore Soneson is a creative producer, filmmaker, scriptwriter.
Education • Malmö University – Art and Communication, creative producer, Master class. 1999 / 2001 • University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre, Stockholm, Film & TV direction 1985 / 86

I am a child of the fifties, a teenager in the sixties, a professional from the early seventies, a fan of the early eighties rock´n´roll scene and a believer in internet culture. A communication revolution. I have more than 25 years experience from media – and culture in several areas photo, journalism, magazine editor, television, moving images.

I have initiated projects and realized them in different connections. My roles have been both artistic and producer oriented. Today, my main occupation are fiction writer/ developer of projects based on the expanding possibilities of storytelling with the moving images. Beneath are a collection of projects, scripts and cultural productions I´ve been involved in.

Professional art media creation (selected film / media)
#01MEMORYvideo essay 2010/2012 •
IN SEARCH OF THE MILITANT CODE, script, short mockumentary, 3D collaboration Michael Johansson 2009 •
LOOP 1.0, interactive flash movie 2005/2006 •
THE STORY OF A, interactive narrative script. Multimediaproduction in cooperation with Per Linde, Interaction designer. Development grant from Konstnärsnämnden 2002 •
NEMESIS DIVINA, feature film script 2002 •
NINA OCH SUNDET feature film script based on the novel Fredrik Ekelund, 2001 •
SPEED interactive CD-rom, producer / script / director. Multimediaproduction in cooperation with Per Linde, Interaction designer. Presented at NIC Gallery, Nordic Interactive Conference in Copenhagen, nov 2001 •


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