Katrine Nielsen


Katrine Nielsen

Katrine Nielsen is a Stage & Production designer.
Born in Denmark 1965. Received a degree in Production and Stage Design from Denmark’s Design School in Copenhagen 1998.

Works as conceptual artist and designer within exhibitions, film, theater and dance performances in Denmark and Sweden. Has furthermore investigated and experimented on the possibilities of non-linear dramaturgy, audience participation and responsive stage design within the performing arts and the new innovative fields of digital media.

Is experienced in working with theater and film productions, virtual stage design and prototyping, teaching, lecturing and theoretical descriptions.

Participated from 2001-03 as designer and researcher in the research project ‘Performance Animation Toolbox’, at the Interactive Institute in Malmö, Sweden, on developing new methods and effects for virtual and interactive stage design. This work is now continued on a freelance basis through the pram network (Practice based Research in Art and Media).

Initiated the project ‘RespOnce – design for breakdown’ in 2004, which aims to investigate and communicate the fundamental basis for interactive stage design and to create and teach new ‘devising’ methods for scenographers. (2004 awarded with a personal working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation).

RespOnce, Heaven & Hell, Spirits on Stage, Konkret

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