Nov 05


Michael Johansson – a complex digital space

In the City of Abadyl we try to explore a complex digital space in a setting that invites to participation. We provide a detailed and complex, yet open world that can be utilized in order to generate scenarios for the temporary co-creators of Abadyl, who would then interact in an optional environment, in the end producing new artefacts.

This combination of interactive situations and artefactual production we called “fieldasy” While the major part of research on interactive narratives has aimed at exploring interactivity as consumption of finished art works or end-products, “fieldasy” concentrated on developing collaboration in the production of new media and it´s artefacts.

While the role of scenarios in design has been restricted to the providing of narrative descriptions of use, other cultural domains have generated more speculative methods for collaboration, where the scenario have functioned both as a constraint and as a generator in a chain of associative artistic work producing artefacts. An interview with one of the participators of “fieldasy” revealed that ”imagination was tickled by the fact that I was a part of a networked mapping I didn’t know in detail. The scenario got me going, but I felt no repressing obligation towards it and also felt more liberated than in the situations of my own work, where I’m the responsible and potential object for critique.” The “fieldasy” method of using scenarios as probing for co-creative imaginative efforts aimed at establishing a platform for collaboration that was not dependent upon control of the communication channels. Rather, the idea was to establish an open-ended way of working, where scenarios originated in the very encounter with the beforehand unknown artefacts assimilated into Abadyl.


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